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Mastering Magento 2: Explore the Best 8 Development Tools of 2024

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Magento is undoubtedly among the top platforms that entrepreneurs consider for starting their online store. And that’s because it is backed with numerous features and functionalities for allowing the store owners to excel in their operations.

So, if you are one among those budding entrepreneurs who are starting an eCommerce business, you will definitely need assistance from the best Magento development company. But do you know what tools the experts use to make Magento development a breeze?

Well, even though you are hiring professional Magento development services, it is still important for you to be aware of the core tools that are responsible for making your Magento store immensely responsive. So, read along this article till the end to gain insight into the 8 best development tools for Magento.

What are the 8 Best Magento Development Tools?

Starting from creating a Magento store to ensuring its security, here are the 8 best Magento development tools that professionals use for crafting your brand website:

1. Magento Debug

Magento Debug is one of the most crucial tools for developers to analyse or decode the script. Professionals make use of it for specifying different request attributes. Using it, your development team will be able to track the errors or bugs in your store.

2. MageTools

The professionals offering Magento development services adopt MageTools for invoking an ability to decrease the amount of repetitive work. It is a plugin that can help with the execution of instructions and workflow streamlining, with no need for switching between multiple tools.

3. Git

Git is considerably a priority tool that works as an all-rounder for developing, managing and deploying the codes for your Magento store that’s hosted over cloud infrastructure. It also has the ability to compare diverse versions of the Git database and find variations.

4. Magento Stack Exchange

Magento Stack Exchange is not evidently a tool but is a helpful Q&A forum where the developers come together to seek solutions for diverse queries. The focus of this solution is to help developers find answers to certain focus questions.

5. PHPStorm

PHPStorm, as the latest PHP IDE, works effectively in managing and classifying diverse eCommerce projects. It is an extension that, when integrated into your store, will help developers seek code creation and auto-complete from the existing Magento store.

6. Xdebug

Your Magento agency Melbourne might use this tool for debugging your PHP within the local environment. It helps the developers to identify, observe, and attend to the obstacles in the process.

7. EcomDev PHPUnit

EcomDev PGPUnit is yet another popular tool that your Magento agency, Sydney, might prefer to use for quick testing of the controller actions, layout renders, blocks, and modules.

8. Easy Template Path Hints

With this tool in place, your Magento theme development company will be able to sync and locate the paths for template files and blocks within the theme. It is more like a tool meant for suggesting paths for your front-end as well as back-end programs.

Final Words

Magento, being the first preference of all budding eCommerce store owners, has impeccable flexibility for developers to derive a unique product. Therefore, if you are hiring a Magento development firm anytime for your new store project, make sure they use a few or all of these tools in their approach. This way, you can ensure your online store will deliver high performance!